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WordPress For Sports

Take Your Sports Organization To The Next Level

WordPress Design

Our design team will use your Colors, Logo, and Mascot to set up a unique Managed WordPress Athletic Website for your sports organization. We can even add your Twitter Feed. You will have final approval on our design.

Your In Control

Your dashboard comes with video tutorials to help you: Post, manage and update Rosters, Schedules, Scores, and Team News. Add Photos, Videos, and Final Results.

No Advertisements

We will not place advertisements on your website; however, You may sell Ads. College-Town Promotions does not sell website advertising, we provide Promotional Products and Logo Apparel to the Education and Sports sectors.

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Schedule and Calendar

Post Your Events Like Game Or Practice Information. Include Opponent, Date, Time, Location With Maps. When The Game Is Over Share The Results With Game Video If You Like.

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Keep Track Of Individual, Team,  And League, Statistics. Player statistics are automatically calculated from their performance in past events from any combination of season and league. Get an overview of their career by displaying total statistics.

1Lewistown Indians11
2Princeville High School Football00
2Rushville Industry Football00

Build custom equations for your sport

Choose from the included presets, or build equations for any sport. The easy drag-and-drop interface allows you to create custom equations and displays advanced statistics like a streak, games back, and home/away records.


Record Your Stats By Seasons And Have An Archive Of All Your Statistics.

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Web Push Notifications

With One-Signal integration, Send targeted push notifications to one member, your whole team, or your entire fan base. They will receive these notifications on their phone or desktop even after they’ve left your website, thus driving re-engagement.

You can configure notification delivery at preset intervals, create user segments, and customize the opt-in process for visitors.

One-Signal is free for up to 30,000 subscribers; there are no limits on the number of push notifications you can send.

One-Signal is trusted by over 600,000 developers and marketing strategists. They power push notifications for everyone from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 Companies, sending 4 billion notifications per day.